Young Driven To Build On Mum’s Lasting Legacy

Grace Young will maintain the standards set out by her late mother when she takes on the reins at Grace Florist.
She will also continue to advocate for the development of small niche market businesses – just as her mother did.
The 22-year old served alongside as her mother in the business, until Mrs Young died earlier this month.
“The key to a good floral arrangement is having a good heart,” she said of her mother’s constant advice.
Grace Florist, located at Damodar City, remains a pop­ular go-to shop when it comes to floral arrangements for all occasions.


Mrs Young did not have the education she desired.
All she had was her passion for floral arrangements. Through her flare for flowers, she developed a thriving floral business named Grace Florist.
In 1997, the local floral arrangement sector was only just evolving.
Ms Young said her grandparents could not afford her mother the life she dreamed. It prompted her mother to turn to flowers from where she made a decent living out of flower arrangements.
“Along the way she had done flowers in church, while featuring at flower shows, horticulture events, and, she had worked for Palace of Petals,” she said.
From such exposure, the late Mrs Young started her own floral business around 2003.

Home-Based Floral Arrangement Business.

She left Palace of Petals between 2006 and 2008 to start her own home-based floral arrangement business.
In 2013, the late Mrs Young took a bold step to finally register her business which she named Grace Florist.
The mother-daughter team operated from Damodar City, where today the business continues.
“She had also planned to open other outlets,” Grace said of her mother’s plans.
Ms Young is ready to roll up her sleeves and wrestle her way up to the top of her industry.
“With the help of my family, I will be able to keep up with the way mum ran the business,” she said.