Yasawa Land Owners Hand Over Audio Visual Rights

Seven representatives of land owning units from the Yasawa Resource Owners Pte Limited consented to Deluxe Management Services Pte Limited’s exclusivity to secure film production companies to film on their land.
Deluxe Management Services Pte Limited Director Manasa Naivau said it would boost the economy, film and tourism sector within the Yasawa group.
Mr Naivau said Deluxe Management Services Pte Limited applied for the licence last year and it was approved this year.
“The island of Yasawa is located in the furthermost north point in the Yasawa group of islands and there are seven landowning units have given us the rights to acquire audiovisual clients to do filming on locations in that island,” he said.
“With this agreement, we can have different film companies shooting simultaneously on various sites,” he said.
“Champagne Beach and Sawa-i-Lau caves already have their cruise ships and yachts that use the beach and caves, and these are part of the exclusive sites given to Deluxe Management Services.”
The Yasawa Resource Owners Pte Limited president Josefata Bulicokoko said this partnership was a long awaited opportunity .
“We will work with them.
“All land being used in within the native reserve, not under the ITLTB,” he said. “Both the Yasawa Resource Owners and Deluxe Management Services deeply thank the Government, the Ministry of Trade and
Tourism, and Film Fiji for trusting us to embark on this venture for the betterment of our mataqalis’, the people of the Yasawa, and the Province of Ba as a whole.”

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