Yalikanacea Champions Resilience In The Face Of Climatic Adversities

Susana Yalikanacea, 63, is championing the course of resilience in the face of climatic adversities faced on Cicia Island.

Ms. Yalikanacea and her husband Epenisa Draunidalo are reviving traditional Fijian house building for a secure and strong structure that could withstand adverse weather conditions.

She said with the use of traditional equipment like magimagi and timber from hardwood like vesi and dilo trees, the houses were structured to withstand any weather condition.

“The use of magimagi, hardwood, and solid rocks as its foundation assures its durability for all-weather,” she said.

“I had initiated the organic program on Cicia Island and one thing that I have been promoting is not only organic farming and eating but organic as a way of life.

“That means having to use whatever is readily available for the progress and resilience of the island.

“Since we started building the bure we have never required anything from Suva. Everything is readily available, it surrounds us on the island.”

She said this was where the inspiration to progress with reviving the tradition was born.

Ms. Yalikanacea said money was not needed to build these homes.

“We do not use money in building these, the only thing you need is the skill,” she said.

“The materials are readily available, the Vesi trees are known for how strong they are and that is why we have used them to build stronger.”

She said the intention was to train youths and ensure the skill was passed down to all villagers.

She hopes that the tradition would be used all around the island and by Fijians around the country to ensure a level of preparedness during adverse weather conditions.