We Need To Control Our Mouth: RFMF Commander Tells Military

Use of offensive language or swears should not be a part of military life, says the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Commander, Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto.
Rear Admiral Naupoto made this comment during a church service at the RFMF Sukanaivalu Barracks in Labasa yesterday.
He said swearing was becoming a norm, for some it had become part of joining the military.
“As your commander, I believe that this is not right. We need to control our mouth,” he said.
“If we want to be better soldiers, then that’s one thing that we need to cut out.
“Stop swearing. It does not work. You can tell a person what to do without swearing, throwing swears will not do any good.
“Once it comes out of your mouth you can never take it back.”
Rear Admiral Naupoto said that speaking or addressing someone in a polite manner helped build a family and it builds a person’s life.
“Let us not be fooled into thinking that swearing is part of the military.”

Secure Your Jobs

Rear Admiral Naupoto also advised the soldiers to secure their jobs.
He said as the military leader it’s always painful for him when he’s given a discharge letter to sign. He said he felt sorry for the families of the discharged soldier because there were those who relied on that soldier.
“If you want to leave the army because you think there’s a better place for you out there, by all means resign nicely and leave don’t leave by force because you did something unacceptable,” he said.
“Think of your family and those that depend on you because your work is not only about you, because it’s not only you that will suffer, it’s the family that relies on you.”

It Was A Good Year

However, Rear Admiral Naupoto acknowledged all the service men and women for their good service throughout the year.
He also acknowledged family members for their support towards those in Fiji and those in the mission field.
“This was a good year of service,” he said.
“Most times we are always looking at the bad things that happened, but if you work hard, you will see a lot more good than bad.
“Some of us had retired, some are no longer with us, some of the families have lost their mothers, children and we thank the Lord for their lives. If we look hard enough we can see all the good seeds, we sowed in 2019.
“Some of you got promotions, new postings; these are part of the good things that we have achieved.”
He also thanked Government for supporting the strategic direction of the military.


Good preparation, obedience, attentiveness and acknowledgment were things that Rear Admiral Naupoto advised the soldiers to adhere to.
“We stumble, we made our mistakes and we made mistakes because we are human,” he said.
“Success comes when learning from our mistakes.
“When someone makes a mistake, don’t run away from them. Be there to encourage them and we push them forward. No one is perfect.”
He added that even though he was commander in the military, there was someone who was higher than him – God.
“I believe that if we all depend on Him, He will not withhold any good thing from us.”

Future Plans:

Rear Admiral Naupoto said the RFMF would soon have two hospitals at their headquarters and the upcoming hospital at Black Rock in Nadi.
They hope to have an operating theatre at Black Rock so it becomes a level two hospital which would be modern and specialised.
He added that with the increasing number of female officers and those females under the military care, they were working towards making the military hospitals female friendly. The RFMF expects 38 new vehicles next year to help with their operations. They are also expecting another new vessel for the Fijian Navy.
Rear Admiral Naupoto wished everyone well for Christmas and New Year as they look to forward to another good year.

Edited by Jonathan Bryce

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