Transportation Hub Could Solve Valelevu Traffic Congestion

Building a transportation hub in Valelevu can be the solution to ease traffic in the area, according to a study carried out by Fiji National University third-year Urban and Regional Planning students.
Tertiary student Devny Toa made the presentation during the World Town Planning Day at the FNU campus Samabula on Wednesday.
Miss Toa presenting on behalf of her group said they were given the transport sector as their assignment and they chose to analyse Valelevu focussing on Daniva Road.
“For this detailed urban plan, we were divided into four sectors and transportation was delegated to my group,” Miss Toa said.
“Because there was been no transportation analysis so far in Valelevu, we had to go out and collect data,” she said.
“From the data collected we were able to identify problems like traffic congestion and absence of pederian crossings; we also tried to look into the pedestrian analysis and movement in that area.
“A lot of time we neglect other relevant information and only consider the vehicles. We did traffic counting and collected raw data.
“In this sector it was big work to collect data because there was no data available from the institution or stakeholders.
“The level of service provided on the road was not adequate although the area is part of the greater Suva area.
“From the problems we were able to identify, we drew up some solutions.”
She said despite the challenges they faced they were happy with the work they had done.
Daniva Road in Valelevu where the proposed transportaion hub is likely to be built.

Daniva Road in Valelevu where the proposed transportaion hub is likely to be built.

“We tried to be as realistic and be specific. The area has existing transportation route and along the Daniva Road we tried to visualize a concept of which we are looking into making it a one-way street instead of a two-direction and two lanes,” she said.
“We are hoping that one lane will improve the level of service on Daniva Road.
“Another solution we have come up with is getting a transportation hub, a bus stand in that area.
“We are suggesting that a one-way street at Daniva Road will control bus movements going in and going out.
“We also want to improve the pedestrian walkway because at the moment there is no pedestrian crossing and people are just crossing anyhow there.
“This is a risk as well as a problem.
“According to the transportation planning masterplan for the greater Suva area, the Government is already planning on improving pedestrian safety.
“The data we have collected will assist the Government and stakeholders. They don’t have the data and we hope that the data we have collected will assist them with the development plan they already have for future development.”