St Anne’s Primary Students Plant 8000 Mangroves

Forty-nine students of St Anne’s Primary School embarked on planting 8,000 mangroves at Tika Ram Park, Lami foreshore, yesterday.

Team leader and head girl, Kristelle Sorovaki, said the initiative was brought up by the parents and the school committee.

“Parents of Year Eight discussed in the meeting to plant mangroves for environmental preservation activities,” she said.

She also said it was the first initiative by the school and they wished to carry on because they wanted to give back to the community.

“We started planting at 10.30 am and finished within an hour. I thank our parents for recommending this initiative. In school, we learn about climate change and deforestation and its consequences which affects human lives in many ways,” Kristelle said.

Also, at Suvavou Village yesterday morning, Bollore Logistics (Fiji) Pte Limited staff members planted mangroves and coconuts for Corporate Social Responsibility.