South Pacific Coffee Upgrades And Diversifies

Coffee lovers will have something to look forward to as South Pacific Coffee Company (SPCC) goes through refurbishments during the current lockdown.

Owner Michael Dennis said there were two renovations being undertaken by South Pacific Coffee.

“The first renovation is adding a second floor to the already existing coffee factory in the WHL Business Warehouse Complex on Nadi Back Road,” he said.

“Our Ready-to-Drink cold brew product is being liked by the public so making sure the product is consistent is very important for reliability and repurchase.”

“With the public accepting the product well, we gained the confidence to build a boxed-in cold brew room which will allow us to keep the temperature of the room consistent.”

“Hence, making sure the quality of our cold brew is consistent.”

He said the second renovation was an act of love by the landlords of the WHL Business Complex.

“They are building a new tiled and shaded area outside the cafe for our customers to sit outside comfortably as they sip on locally roasted coffee and eat some satisfying dishes.”

“It makes us proud to know that they have invested in us. Because they like what we are doing not only as a business or service but the essence of how we do business.”

“The things we believe in and our willingness to take on challenges with an innovative approach.

“They love the cafe, we love them.” Mr. Dennis said customers could also expect new items on the menu; both sweet and savory.


Business In Light Of COVID-19
“Business is still going.

“Apart from supplying our own cafe with locally roasted coffee, we also supply coffee to cafes and supermarkets throughout Viti Levu.

“So, one way or another, we find ways to keep the roaster roasting and SPCC coffee pumping.

“We do what we can to survive and we are thankful for our customers for choosing us for reliable and good coffee roasted or brewed in Fiji.

“We are still heading in the direction of our original goal which is to grow coffee as an industry for Fiji. Manufacture and supply coffee products in Fiji and train all cafes in the country.”

Mr. Dennis said once there are enough green beans grown locally, South Pacific Coffee would start looking into serious export partnerships.

“Right now, there is not enough coffee-growing locally to say we export ‘Fijian Grown Coffee’ – we believe in selling the truth.


Recycled paper card made South Pacific Coffee Company from used coffee grounds, napkins and coffee filters.

Recycled paper card made South Pacific Coffee Company from used coffee grounds, napkins, and coffee filters.


Diversification And New Products
Mr. Dennis said the process of creating by-products from the company’s primary product was practiced in South Pacific Coffee.

The newest project South Pacific Coffee had undertaken was recycled paper made from used coffee grounds, used napkins from the cafe, and coffee filters.

“The zero waste and recycling projects have been brought to life by my wife. She has a very active mind and is a big decision maker for South Pacific Coffee’s creative strategies and visual representation but likes to be in the background of the business.”

“Last Sunday during the lockdown, she simply threw the coffee grounds and ripped up coffee filters into a boiling pot.”

“Blended the batch, dried it out, spread the pulp on wax paper, and laid the sample out to dry in the hot Nadi sun.”

“Five hours later she had paper.

“There you go, we can start making recycled coffee paper and Christmas cards to sell in time for Christmas, lovely isn’t it?” “

Mr. Dennis said there were plans to sell the recycled paper to the public.

“Most importantly, we want our method to be consistent in making the recycled paper because there is opportunity to train people, and make a proper business venture out of this.”

“It also creates a new line of jobs for people and educates them through the practice of eco-friendly methods.”

He said the company also recycles in three other ways:
– The coffee bags that arrive in the country with green beans are recycled into tote bags for local customers
– Coffee grounds are used as mulch and fertilizer for growing mushrooms by Majestic Mushrooms in Pacific Harbour
– Used coffee grounds are mixed into soaps as exfoliators by Dilo Up and Sovu Soaps in Taveuni