Rogo Believes Her Faith Saved Granddaughter

Sera Rogo has always let her faith in God keep her calm and know that miracles do happen.

Ms. Rogo believes her strong faith was what saved her three-year-old granddaughter, Luisa Lewatunibulu, who underwent surgery at the Lautoka Hospital after having her toothbrush stuck in her jaw on Saturday morning.

Luisa, whose parents live in Nadi, was spending time with her grandmother in Kese Village, Naviti, Yasawa when the incident occurred around 8:30 am at their home.

“The incident happened after she had breakfast yesterday, she was standing on the tarpaulin and brushing her teeth, a little girl, who is our neighbor pulled the tarpaulin and Luisa fell down,” she said.

“When she fell the toothbrush had gone up to her jaw and was stuck there. She started crying and that was when we ran out to see her.

“We took her to the nurse on the island who suggested that we bring her to the hospital because the situation was too risky.

“Around 10 am we rushed her to the Lautoka Hospital while coming on the boat I just held her tight and was praying.”

She believes it was only through prayers that Luisa was saved.

“Yesterday (Saturday), at 7 pm she went in for surgery. When the doctor was at the surgery with her, I was praying to the Lord to be with the doctor and help save my granddaughter,” said Ms. Rogo.

Luisa is now recovering at the Children’s Ward at the Lautoka Hospital.

Edited by Ivamere Nataro