Aspiring Town Planners Plan On Re-developing The Wailea Settlement

In the hope to improve the living conditions of those living at Wailea informal settlement in Vatuwaqa, Fiji National University (FNU) students have come up with a plan.

The FNU third year Urban and Regional Planning students presented their work during the World Town Planning Day on Wednesday.

Team leader Eseroma Tuiyoyo said what they presented as part of their assignment and they hope that it would get the attention of the Government and stakeholders.

“We have come up with ways to improve their building standards. We hope to put up housing units similar to those at the Lagilagi Project off Grantham Road in Suva and improve the open space,” Mr. Tuiyoyo said.

“Basically, it is about formalizing informal settlements and our study area was Wailea settlement,” he said.

“In urban planning, we focus on a few components like the demography and physical component which refers to the natural environment as well.”

Mr. Tuiyoyo said they have been getting positive feedback.

“We have done a vision to improve the standard of living in Wailea focusing on socio-economic progress,” he said.

“We look at those components and existing land use and from that, we can find out the problem, once we evaluate each of the components.

“Some of those living in Wailea are good in weaving, plumbers which a service hub can be created where all these trade is centralized.

“A Non-Government Organisation (NGO) has contacted us requesting information and report.

“The feedback that we got is that, they want to access our information.”