Dr Waqainabete: Proper Hygiene And Sanitation Practices Prevents Diseases

Health Minister Dr. Ifereimi Waqainabete acknowledged the great support from the youth groups in the construction of new convenience facilities for the villages of Nasaibitu and Nalidi in the greater Wainibuka area.

A total of 18 new flush toilets were built for the villages while 14 old toilets were converted to Water seal toilets.

The donation of water storage Drums from the FMF has also demonstrated the commitment from private companies under the public-private partnership that the Ministry has been engaged in.

Minister Waqainabete said that this was another achievement for the villages as they can now practice safe hygiene and sanitation.

“I urge you all to take care of your health and with these new facilities now available, I anticipate that the burden of communicable diseases will be lessened in the area”.

The outbreaks of CD’S last year and the Minister’s assessment visits to the medical subdivision this year identified the need for proper hygiene and sanitation to avoid such a situation.

After the initial assessment, this project was given the green light and collaborated efforts from the stakeholders resulted in the timely construction of the toilet facilities.

Minister thanked all those that were involved in the successful completion of the project as this will bring many benefits to the people in the rural location.

Meanwhile, villages were also presented with certificates as they completed the training on Water Safety Plan.