Over 100 Yachts Approved Through Fiji’s Blue Lanes, ‘Hidden Paradise’ Opens As Yacht Port

Following the approval of more than 100 yachts through Fiji’s Blue Lanes initiative, the Fijian Government’s COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Taskforce (CRMT) has approved Savusavu Bay – known as Fiji’s “hidden paradise” – as the nation’s second Blue Lanes Yacht Port.

The Blue Lanes initiative was pioneered through the Fijian COVID Safe Economic Recovery Framework to allow a safe restart for Fiji’s growing blue tourism industry.

Following consultations with the local community and the deployment of relevant officials to the Northern Division, Savusavu Port now joins Port Denarau as one of two designated ports of entry for yachts arriving in Fiji.

Fiji has served as the Pacific’s hub for blue tourism throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Blue Lanes initiative has allowed for crew changes for Superyachts, quarantine–holiday for high-end yachties, bunkering and provisioning, and the accommodation of yachts serving humanitarian purposes during Fiji’s recent harrowing cyclone season.

“The Blue Lanes initiative has given yachters from around the world the chance to join Fijians in COVID-Contained paradise. With more than 330 days since the last local case of the coronavirus in Fiji and more than 100 vessels approved, Fiji’s Blue Lanes represent the safest and most sustainable tourism pathway in the world. The yachts docked at our Port Denarau, and those that will berth soon in Savusavu, are testament to our willingness to innovate and our commitment to COVID-safe tourism,” said the Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport, Faiyaz Koya.

As a designated Blue Lanes Yacht Port, Savusavu Bay will serve as a clearance port and quarantine anchorage for yachts under supervision by Fijian health officials and members of Fiji’s disciplined forces.

Passengers aboard yachts bound for Savusavu must adhere to Fiji’s rigorous quarantine protocols, including COVID-19 pre-departure testing, 14 days of quarantine at sea or in harbor, and border quarantine exit testing.

The move will extend the socio-economic benefits of the Blue Lanes initiative to Fiji’s Northern Division and grant yachters access to one of Fiji’s most popular destinations, Savusavu, as well as nearby islands, such as the Garden Island of Taveuni.

With the mandate to safely resume flows of trade and tourism through the COVID-19 pandemic, the CRMT continues to explore and implement initiatives under the Fijian COVID Safe Economic Recovery Framework to spur growth for the Fijian economy and put Fijians back to work in jobs they love.

The coordinates for Savusavu Bay are as follows:

NW 16° 46.440’S 179° 19.940’E

SW 16° 46.568’S 179° 19.933’E

S 16° 46.589’S 179° 19.986’E

N 16° 46.430’S 179° 19.998’E

About CRMT

The COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Taskforce is a Cabinet-mandated working group consisting of the Permanent Secretaries for Economy (Chair), Health and Medical Services and Commerce, Trade, Tourism, and Transport.

The Secretariat support is provided by the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport, Border Health Protection, COVID-19 Response Unit, and Republic of Fiji Military Forces Surveillance team.