Lawyer Found Strength In Late Dad’s Words ‘Never Quit’

Standing proud with her peers after her admission to the bar on Friday, Remy Naqali recollected the emotional tumble she endured and how she had to quickly find strength in her late father’s words to “Never quit”.
The untimely passing of her dad, a former Permanent Secretary for Fisheries, Sanaila Naqali, on June 6, 2018 had emotionally affected Ms Naqali.
She was a final year law student at the time.
The 24-year-old said her father died on the day she had to write the first paper for her final exam.
After that day she said she could not find the strength to continue with her exams so she flunked her final semester exams.
Memories of those tough times called for the tough in her to get going she said
“I was a little bit discouraged after he passed away. but I did not want it to affect my studies because he always told me that education is really important and despite whatever happens in life and the circumstances I have to be focused,” Ms Naqali said.
“On the first day when he passed away was difficult to handle, but other days after that I think he gave me the strength to continue.
“Now being a lawyer, I am grateful to my father and what he has done for me in my life. For always encouraging me and I am also grateful to my mum for being the backbone in my life.
“I want to thank my mum. She has always been there.
“Late nights, studies, drop offs, pickups, financially, emotionally and spiritually she has always been there for me.”
Ms Naqali said her father’s work influenced her interest in fisheries management and fisheries law which is why she decided to pursue legal studies.

Edited by Percy Kean