Nasolo Youth Plant Yaqona To Become Rural Millionaires

The bid by youths of Nasolo Village in Bua to become rural millionaires will soon bear initial fruits.
To achieve their dreams they started planting yaqona in 2015 and their first harvest will be next month.
Village spokesman Apimeleki Lalanavanua said they were divided into eight groups doing communal-type farming.
Mr Lalavanua said all the youth planted 1309 yaqona each.
The youth had the support of the village elders and Watison Bativou was appointed to monitor their yaqona project.
They have already submitted to Mr Bativou what they would buy from the yaqona income.
Most said would be building modern homes in the village while some planned to buy vehicles.
Mr Lalanavanua said from the 1309 plants, income from 1000 would be theirs, 300 would be used by the family and the rest would go to the chief, church and leader of the landowning clan. Some youth had more plants.
“The youths had also attended a dalo planting workshop and will also plant dalo beside yaqona plants,” he said.

Edited by Maika Bolatiki