Nadi Couple Survive Crash As Their Vehicle Was Dragged Under Truck For 400 Meters

A couple in Nadi thought they were going to die after they were dragged under a moving 12-wheeler pine truck.
They were dragged for more than 400 metres from the collision point opposite the Tanoa Skylodge Hotel junction in Waqadra, Nadi.
Rajneel Lal, 34, was driving with his 26-year-old wife as the passenger.
The truck was driven by a 29-year-old man which allegedly crossed the lane without noticing the car in front. Both were heading to Nadi Town.
Mr Lal said: “It was just like in a movie. Within a couple of seconds, my thoughts were floating to find a reasonable answer to be alive.
“If I jumped off the vehicle, I would have been crushed by the truck. I even thought that the only way to stop the truck was only if we get smashed to a post and that was it. If we had not hit the road fence, only God knows what was in store for us.”
Mr Lal’s wife was rushed to the hospital, treated and sent home later.
Police said an investigation was underway.

Edited by Naisa Koroi