Ministry Of Environment Launches Documentary On Fiji’s Biodiversity Hotspots

To commemorate International Day of Biodiversity, the Ministry of Environment virtually launched a documentary on Fiji’s Biodiversity Hotspots.

The documentary showcased the strong application of Fiji’s ecological/environmental and the traditional knowledge of conservation across villages and communities.

Captured in the documentary is the Mali Island Marine Protected Area (MPA) which is part of the Great Sea Reef locally known as Cakaulevu or Qoliqoli Cokovata, Macuata.

“It is the third-largest reef system in the Southern Hemisphere and has rich marine biodiversity with the Qaranivai Marine Protected Area as another important hotspot area in Fiji,” line Minister Mahendra Reddy said.

“The MPA has shown signs of replenishment- previous studies had indicated that the marine resources were declining,”

“Through its community-based MPA, the villagers are now able to protect their marine

resource and have seen positive spillover effects of such protected areas with their qoliqoli,” he said.

He added that a total of 600 mangrove seedlings have been planted to help restore traditional fishing grounds while it helps stop the erosion of the coastal areas.

The documentary was produced with the support and assistance of the Ministry of Communications.