How Teacher Turned IT Expert, Turned Clothing Store Owner, Made It

Jack of all trades is likely the correct term to describe Ravinesh Lal.

The Penang man has grown from teaching, to going back to further his studies in IT, to setting up an IT company, and now he runs a clothing store in Rakiraki.

Were it not for the Rakiraki fire in May, that got the suncoast town talking, he would still be in his XquizIT shop running things from behind a computer.

How It Started

At the young age of 19, the now 39-year-old was a primary school teacher.

He taught mostly around Rakiraki for 10 years before deciding to change his career.

He ran the IT shop for 10 years until it’s unfortunate demise where, he said, he lost about $30,000 in business.

“The worst thing is that I was not insured,” he said.

“I was hunting for other investment ideas, though the worst time to start a business I had to think fast.

“There was an opportunity to take over a clothing store, after thinking long and hard I gave it a go.”

Almost two months now and he is now owner of the clothing store, Brands on Trends, in Rakiraki.

Mr Lal employs two staff who were former employees of a renowned clothing store he took over.

“A few good friends of mine generously helped me fund this new venture.”

The $25,000 startup has been doing well despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The shop started with only children’s and women’s clothing and now has men’s clothing too.

It is located in the middle of Rakiraki Town where the old Chands Clothing was located.

He added he hoped to expand his brand as well as revive his IT company as his business grows.