Help For Street Dwellers

Twenty-two youths from the Fortunate Ministry in Lau­toka handed out 51 food packs to street dwellers at the Lau­toka bus stand on Sunday night.
The group also supplied basic es­sentials such as soap, body spray and powder, hot beverages and clothes.
The Fortunate Ministry was formed by Apisai Moce after Cy­clone Evan in 2012. He bought food with his first pay while working as a Forestry Technical Officer at the Ministry of Forestry branch in Lautoka and distributed it to street dwellers.
Fiji Sun journalist Adi Kelera So­vasiga said she joined the minis­try in 2013 after being invited by a friend.
“It’s always a lot of people in the streets but for us we don’t just do it for Christmas, we’ve been doing this throughout the year and Christmas is a special time,” she said.
“We feel that if we are fortunate to have a roof over our head and food on the table then why not share that blessing with others by giving back to the community.”
She said most street dwellers were neglected by their families.
“It’s not about getting noticed but giving because you mean it but sharing that love of God with them is always a highlight,” she said.
Mr Moce said the ministry also en­countered challenges.
“We have had people who are quite judgmental and it is sad that most of these people are people in church and even some people hold­ing strategic and influential posi­tions. Whatever they throw our way, it does not dampen our spirit.”

Edited by Ivamere Nataro