48-yr-old Grandmother Among Police Recruits

Being a grandmother never deterred Litia Kaitu from marching into Basic Recruitment Training three months ago to become a Police Constable.

The 48-year-old was among the 259 new recruits for the Fiji Police Force.

She joined the force in 2003 after pursuing her Diploma in Office Administration and became a Special Constable two years later.

The motivation to join the Police force came from her husband who is an Assistant Superintendent based in the Human Resource Department at the Police Headquarters.

“From the first day when we marched in, one of the main things for us was to adorn the blue Police uniform,” Ms. Kaitu said.

“I have been in the Police force for 15 years and I was a Special Constable since 2005. When we started off the conditions were not good pay-wise, but that did not deter my spirit to tirelessly serve the force.

“Now I look around and I see that the job is more secured. Working in the force is an asset for me and I am glad to be a part of this organization.”

As one of the older recruits, Ms. Kaitu said the physical training and trying to adjust to the schedule was a challenge, however, she went through it with the support of her colleagues.

“The message from the Acting Police Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu clearly sent out a great responsibility that rests on us. I take my cue from the Bible as it says; ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’. We bring unity where there is discord and love where there is hate,” she said.

Ms. Kaitu is posted at the Police Welfare Office at Police HQ.