Father, Son Venture Into Hydroponic Farming In Ba

A Varadoli, Ba farmer has inspired his 13-year-old son to keep the family tradition alive.
But this time he has added innovation to his farming style with the concept of hydroponic farming.
Mobin Khan, 39, said he wanted his son to know about farming.
The Karavi Public School teacher wants to keep the tradition alive because his forefathers had been tilling the land and seen the benefits of farming.
Mr Khan came up with an idea to switch from traditional farming and try the hydroponic method.
He believed that hydroponic farming, which is a water-based farming technique would be easier for growing produce without soil.
Son, Hayaan Khan, a student of Khalsa Primary School in Ba, showed his interest in farming because he had always seen and admired his grandparents working on their farm.
“Farming is in my blood and I still remember how I used to do farming with my family a few years ago,” Mr Khan said.
He said today’s generation was fading away and lacked interest in farming.
“We as parents should teach our children good values, especially farming so they won’t forget and get carried away with technologies and peer-pressure.”
Mr Khan also said he had set up set up temporary space and would extend it later.
“It’s not difficult to manage with teaching and farming so after school, we both used to work in the farm together,” Mr Khan said
He thanked Smarts Farm Fiji for teaching him the methods of hydroponics farming.
Mr Khan said he would grow varieties of leafy green vegetables like beans, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, coriander and chilies.
“I am working towards setting up similar farming methods for my brother and mother as she is getting older,” he said

Edited by Percy Kean

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