Farming Transforms Dropout To Success

Despite being a school dropout, Jaswant Prasad proved that dedication and sacrifice can still yield results. He is now a successful farmer.
Hailing from Nalovo, Taveuni, Mr. Prasad is now kava, vegetable, and dalo farmer.
He said he chose farming life after he failed to excel in his studies.
“I have gone through a lot of difficulties in my life to gain success today,” he said.
But, with the support of his family, his journey into the farming business turned into a success.
Declaring his love for agriculture, he said farming changed his life for the better, allowing him to provide a good life for his family and education for his children.
“My father had a farm, but he got less time to work on the farm as he was a bus driver,” he said.
He supplies dalo to the people of his community or to resorts where he makes a good profit. He also had success with his kava sales within Taveuni and in Labasa.
He goes to the farm early in the morning so he can spend more time with his family in the evening.
The 34 years old said he has nearly 15,000 organic kava plants and more than 10,000 dalo plants.

Edited by Jonathan Bryce