Dyno Tuning Machine Saves Time And Money

Drag racers and streetcars won’t need to send their cars overseas or get tuning experts over to tune their vehicles now.

Tuning is now possible after a local company became the first in Fiji to own a 1200hp dyno tuning machine.

The Mink Group of Companies and Street Tune Motorsports (STM) Fiji partnership has made this possible.

STM Fiji shop is located in Nabua and caters to all the needs of a vehicle.

A dyno-tune makes adjustments to your bike’s ignition, fuel, and air supply to achieve the most possible horsepower and torque while maintaining an optimal air-fuel ratio.

STM Fiji owner, Lakshay Kellappan said they would make it affordable for their customers.

“This machine is for tuning vehicles in a standing position. You don’t have to take it out on the streets to tune the vehicles as it is risky,” Mr. Kellappan said.

“In this dyno machine, we will get the performance graph for a vehicle, for example, how much horsepower is the vehicle running on, and after tuning you can get the before and after graphs.

“When a customer comes and tells us how much horsepower he wants for his vehicle then we will give him a package which will also have the parts that are needed to support the horsepower he wants for his vehicle.

“We will carry out the performance upgrade for the vehicle and then we will put it on the dyno to tune it.

The former Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) student said there was a need for a dyno machine in Fiji.

“We are getting in the based E85 high-performance race fuel as well which is ethanol. The weather in Fiji is hot so we chose ethanol because it boosts the engine’s horsepower due to two factors,” he said.

“The amazing octane rating and cooling capacity and the fuel absorb plenty of heat for intake charge when transformed from gas to liquid inside the engine.

“The machine was brought by my partner Mohamed Zaved Khan and I from Australia. We bought it in March and it arrived last month.

“The machine is not only for drag races but for streetcars who want better fuel economy. We can tune the vehicle and get it economically too. We have to consider the environment also. A lot of the drag racers send their cars overseas to have them tuned or they get a tuner from overseas and it is expensive. We want the running cost for the locals as affordable as it can get.

“We are ready to tune and dyno test performance cars and diesel tuning full throttle and providing full race car build packagers with well-known brands of performance parts.”

The duo is teamed up with Australian Petrol and Performance Tuners that include:

  • Maatouks Racing with world’s First 6sec GTR;
  • Just Engine Management; snd
  • B2R Motorsports.

They do advance tuning, ECU remapping for wide range performance upgrades for the biggest diesel and petrol Japanese, European, Australian, and other built vehicles.