Dawai Family Proud To See Son Admitted To Bar

It was a memorable day for the Dawai family as they witnessed one of their own, Ratu Sailosi Raimoqe Dawai admitted to the bar.

Ratu Sailosi hails from the chiefly family of the Tui Nadi.

His mother, Asinate Dawai said she could not stop crying tears of joy watching her son finally officially become a lawyer.

“His father and I have gone through a lot of challenges to support our son,” she said.

Mrs. Dawai said she felt rewarded yesterday.

“Good parenting will determine the decisions your children make. Your role as parents help in nurturing their lives,” she added

Mrs. Dawai also said she and her husband encouraged Ratu Sailosi to become a lawyer to help give people proper information and fight injustice in Fiji.

“Nadi landowners are having issues of misinformation about landowners where people are easily getting carried away with the misinformation because they do not understand the law,” she said.

She said this was what motivated Ratu Sailosi.

The 23-year-old lawyer said his parents always stood for what was right which inspired him to practice law.

“When I was growing up, I felt that I was one of the kids that was showered with a lot of love and affection and I appreciate my family for having faith in me,” he said.

“It should be the responsibility of every child to make their family proud because they have hopes in us,” he said.

Ratu Sailosi is currently an intern at Young and Associates Law Firm in Lautoka.