COVID-19: MLC Veivueti Ready To Serve Sugar City

Government Shipping Services vessel, MLC Veivueti is ready to receive cargo and officials in efforts to deliver medical services to Lautoka and keep the city and Fiji safe.

Minister for Transport, Faiyaz Koya said our shipping and ports are a huge part of our response to the current COVID situation.
“Like many other Asia-Pacific countries, we’re pooling our resources in a collaborative effort to maintain domestic supply chains while keeping our seafarers safe”.
The MLC Veivueti and crew, led by Captain Eroni Mateisuva and Chief Engineer, Luke Cama, will also provide essential medical services to Lautoka Hospital.
The MLC Veivueti.

The MLC Veivueti.

MLC Veivueti was officially commissioned by Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama in 2018, the vessel operates as a floating, mobile hospital‑the first of its kind in Fiji.
“The Veivueti, under the Ministry’s Government Shipping Services, was specifically designed to provide medical services and rapid response to emergencies, like the one we’re in now as a nation,” Mr. Koya said.
It is this duty of care that inspired her name; “Veivueti” – which in iTaukei means to help someone in a time of need.