Council Staff Under Radar For Alleged Corrupt Practices

Procurement of goods and services and building plans are the two most common areas where corrupt practices have been happening in municipal councils.

Minister for Local Government, Housing, Trade, Tourism, and Community Development Premila Kumar said these were practices the staff of some municipalities were engaged in.

She said work was now underway to have processes set up in municipal councils in a much more transparent and accountable manner.

“The corruption I meant involve the staff themselves. They are doing plans, they become the draftsman, they do the plans and they submit it,” Ms. Kumar said.

“Then who approves it? They themselves.

“So that’s a conflict of interest. That should not happen. These are a few examples where we need to tidy up.”

Ms. Kumar said this had led to some projects being approved within a few days when smaller projects have taken weeks.

Attorney-General and Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum also highlighted this issue when he addressed special administrators from all around Fiji.

Ms. Kumar said another area of concern was procurement.

“There is also procurement. How it is done. How are we hiring people doing waste collection and recycling?

“We have to come up with a much cleaner process,” she said.