Common Sense Approach To Ensure Our Children Are Safe

Yesterday two Fiji Sun reporters saw children playing near a fast flowing waterway in Lami.
These are under-aged toddlers who should not be out in the open on their own after a heavy rain.
Obviously they were attracted by the rising water levels.
First, they should not be there. Second, where were their parents?
It appears some are still ignoring the warning to keep their children safe during wet weather especially after heavy rain.
We are into the cyclone season and the weather patterns can change dramatically all of a sudden.
It could rain in Lami while Suva is completely dry.
Flash floods usually occur in heavy downpours and we need to be on our guard all the time.
This is especially so for parents of young children.
They need to understand that they could face negligence charges if tragedy strikes and a young life is swept away.
A drain beside a home that has been there for years could become a threat when it fills up during heavy rain. Worst still, if it turns into a fast flowing stream.
A teenager died recently in Nadera , Nasinu, after he tried to retrieve a rugby ball from a drain during torrential rain.
He was sucked by the currents into the culvert and his body was found later at the other end.
Witnesses were shocked by the freak incident. One minute, he was playing with other boys. The next minute he was gone.
That’s the grim reality of what can happen when we fail to take warnings seriously.
There is a popular trend that people go out to frolic in the rain during bad weather, despite advice from Government agencies and Police against it.
Parents must step up and take responsibility of their children during inclement weather. They should stop their children from going out when they should be indoors.
We are into the festive season and there is a tendency to relax the rules.
Parents cannot afford to take any chances. If they love their children they would ensure they are in a safe place at all time.
In fact, safety should be a priority topic in family discussions whether they are going out to a beach picnic or just staying home.
Safety must be the operative word in all family activities this Christmas and New Year period. In other words use the common sense approach.