Civil Engineer Earns Better In Baking

Aurora Rogers is a civil engi­neer who was forced to seek alternative employment after the COVID-19 pandemic.

She knew nothing about baking until it was something she had to reckon with for her income. Mey­ace’s Cupcakes, a home-based business in Toorak, was born as a result.

Meyace’s Cupcakes offers cakes, cupcakes, brownies, smoothies, sal­ads, and catering services.

“I was employed with an engineer­ing consultancy as an engineering assistant,” she said.

“I loved my job, defying all odds in a male dominating field of work.”

“During the phase of unemploy­ment, I shared a thought with my husband, if he was okay with me baking and selling, until I found a job.”

Ms. Rogers said she was fortunate to have a partner who was support­ive of the goal.

As she baked to sell, she became better and started receiving orders.

The goodies became popular, forc­ing her to increase production.

The 27-year-old said only through thorough research and practice was she able to teach herself and get better.

“I didn’t study for this trade (bak­ing) at a University.

“I spend a lot of time doing online research and constant practice.

“Practice makes perfect.


“Every time I want to try some­thing new, I have to do my research and practice from level zero, then bring myself up.

“Another challenge is when people question my choice of earning.

“I get criticized for not going back to engineering.

“I find peace with this new pro­found way of earning, and I do earn more.

“There are few other challenges, but I’d rather not name them oth­erwise they became more realistic.

“Challenges need to be tamed, oth­erwise they will overrule you.”

She is working towards opening her own bakery and cake shop.

She urged aspiring entrepreneurs: “Let nothing obstruct you from reaching your goals.

“If you don’t see a way through, keep still and pray.

“The Lord will take you through.

“With faith and determination, you can find true success.

“Success that will make you con­tent, not greedy.” Meyace’s Cupcakes can be contacted on 9276276, or on their Facebook page, Meyace’s.20200925_121828-01 20201029_142838-01 IMG-a70fa9ba6b07753f8ad6fca7165eeb96-V-01