Australian Publishes Book On Fiji, Pacific Adventures

Geoffrey Taylor of Savusavu has published Not My Fault, a lively memoir of his life in Fiji as a field geologist, avid sailor, founder of Savusavu Junior Sailing Club, and local businessman.

Born in Australia and transferred to Fiji by Anglo Pacific Exploration in 1974, Mr. Taylor spent two years completing his book.

By profession, he is an exploration geologist and environmental consultant semi-retired and part-owner of the Copra Shed Marina with Tony Philp in Savusavu.

“The title relates to geological faults,” Mr. Taylor said.

“The book is about the geology and discovery of gold, bauxite, copper and marble deposits in Fiji, the Pacific, and Mexico.”

He said the book told of his life in the bush and the funny stories that came with it.

Not My Fault was published by Star Printery in Suva in April 2020.

“This is my first book, but I have written and published a number of papers on the geology of Fiji,” he said.

“My children, who are all born in Savusavu, had asked me to write the book.

“Hence, I feel happy that I have done something for Fiji.”

The book is a rollicking journey through volcanic rocks and gold mine prospecting in Fiji, prawn trolling in Australia, deep-sea drilling in Papua New Guinea, and more.

For anyone looking for a humorous yet knowledgeable dip into the fascinating geology of the islands, it’s a great read.

The cost of one book is $40 available at Captains Café and Savusavu Yacht Club at the Copra shed Marina Savusavu.