ATS’ First Female Engineer

Charlene Tafuna’i did not believe that one day she would work alongside her dad in the same field for the same company.
She never thought she would also become the first woman to become an aircraft engineer for Air Terminal Services (Fiji) PTE Limited.
She recalls her first day at work, holding her father’s hand as they walked through the gates of ATS.
“I was in year three, and I was so excited.
“When you’re a child, visiting your parent’s workplace is like going on a field trip,” she said.
In 2014, she visited ATS.
This time as Miss World Fiji.

Fulfiling Her Promise

Five years after, she entered the same gates and fulfilled her wish.
M“This time, I entered those gates as an aircraft engineer. “I said to myself “finally I am here, I am working here just like father,”
Ms Tafuna’i said when she discovered she was the first female engineer to be employed at ATS, she realised she had accomplished her childhood dream.
“I may be the first, but I am confident that I won’t be the last.
“If you think you cannot make a change, I am here.
“We all can,” she said